"Abundance" EP YAYING 35th Anniversary Fashion Show

Ethnic · Natural · Artisanal

The EP YAYING 35th anniversary fashion show unfolded with three themes: Ethnic Joy, Natural Warmth, and Cultural Sincerity.

Delight in the Renewal with Ethnic Arts

Chapter I: "Ethnic Joy" extended the core inspiration that EP YAYING has gained from the traditional totems of Qiannan, Guizhou, in recent years.

Rejoice from Natural Abundance

Chapter II: "Natural Warmth", spotlights EP YAYING’s continuous exploration of unique and exquisite Chinese materials, represented by selected yak down and Ngari cashmere.

Ancient Craftmanship, Modern Mastery

Chapter III: "Cultural Sincerity", once again showcases EP YAYING’s profound contemplation in Haute Couture: how to present Chinese culture and superb craftsmanship in contemporary fashion Perhaps the answer lies in the continuous innovation of craftsmanship and exquisite design.